3 Quick Wins for your Email Marketing Strategy on Klaviyo

Over the years, email has remained one of the most effective marketing channels for ecommerce brands. When leveraged strategically, email marketing can drive sales, build brand loyalty, and re-engage customers who may have slipped away. Although there are several options available to you as a retailer, there are 3 emails that should be part of your strategy: Abandoned Cart Emails, Welcome Series, and Winback Emails. These 3 emails are the quick wins you can implement and see results within weeks.

1. Abandoned Cart Emails

We’ve all seen it before, customers visit your online store, add items to their carts, but end up leaving without completing the purchase. According to the Baymard Institute, around 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned and there are a lot of reasons why - e. g. the customer was interrupted during their buying journey. Regardless of the situation, one thing we know is that these customers are already engaging with your brand. Here’s where you can employ an abandoned cart email to remind the customers of the items left in their cart, enticing them to return and complete the purchase.

We’ve worked with ecommerce retailers across different verticals and abandoned cart emails have proven to be highly effective for each of them. Not only this, the speed at which the emails started generating revenue was less than four weeks. Depending on where your customers are within their buying journey, there are a few elements you can add to tailor these emails to their needs. 


2. Welcome Series

First impressions matter, especially for online retailers. A well-crafted welcome series sets the tone for your relationship with new customers and lays the foundation for future engagement. Use the welcome series to share your story with your customers and to show them why your customers love your brand. This email series is usually made up of several emails sent to new subscribers shortly after they sign up.

The welcome series serves multiple purposes: 

By leveraging Klaviyo's automation capabilities, you can tailor the welcome series to each subscriber based on their preferences, browsing behaviour, or demographic information, ensuring a personalised experience that resonates with your audience. 

Our customer, David Shuttle, a retailer that provides unique gifts, jewellery and homeware utilises their welcome series to introduce subscribers to their business, showcase their reviews and highlight the individual brands they sell. Having a versatile welcome series that caters to various target groups has paid off with 9% of their revenue generated on email. 

3. Winback Emails

Did you know that increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits up to 95%?

Your current or previous customers are a target audience you shouldn’t forget about. Winback emails are designed to re-engage dormant or inactive customers and bring them back to your store.

Recommendations for your winback emails:

By deploying targeted winback emails at the right time, you can win back lapsed customers, boost retention rates, and maximise the lifetime value of your customer base. Our customer, award-winning beauty brand, Balance Me used this strategy to achieve an 83% increase in repeat purchases.

In conclusion, incorporating abandoned cart emails, welcome series, and winback emails into your email marketing strategy on Klaviyo can yield significant results for your ecommerce business. These emails not only drive sales and revenue but also foster stronger connections with your customers, ultimately contributing to long-term success and growth. Like the kind our customer, garden retailer Lazy Susan has seen since implementing Klaviyo with 76% of their email revenue generated through email flows.  

 Curious about other email strategies you can implement? Have a look at our blog 5 Klaviyo Email Growth Strategies you can implement today. If you’d like some advice on your email strategy, feel free to reach out to us for a chat to see how we can help.

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