Creating an award-winning website with BigCommerce and GPMD

Balance Me is an award-winning natural skincare brand that was looking to drive engagement and loyalty by optimising the customer experience onsite. After replatforming to BigCommerce and refreshing their designs, they focused on creating a seamless and first class customer journey for their users, resulting in a fully responsive mobile optimised site, following usability best practices.

Together with their strategic agency partner, GPMD, they also implemented a strong tech stack that covers automated AI search, loyalty, subscriptions and email, as well as making clever use of BigCommerce native and bespoke features. All of these implementations have led to a 53% increase in revenue and a 20% increase in conversion since replatforming.

Balance Me

Founded in 2005 by sisters Rebecca and Clare Hopkins, Balance Me was created to restore balance in their busy lives and improve their own well-being.

The sisters turned to natural skincare to solve their skin concerns at a time when it wasn’t highly regarded by consumers or the beauty industry. Rebecca retrained as a reflexologist after working both in Paris and the UK for a global beauty brand while Clare harnessed her passion for aromatherapy, having discovered the power of essential oils as a student, and travelled the world to learn yoga saying goodbye to a successful business career in the City.

Fast forward to today, Rebecca and Clare have built a natural, eco-friendly brand, which provides an award winning skincare range with products designed to bring your skin and life back into balance.



The initial challenge the Balance Me team faced was overhauling their site as it did not allow for a seamless and personalised customer experience and was not set up to scale for growth.

Having replatformed to BigCommerce, the team then set out to tackle key areas of their ecommerce business that would drive engagement, build customer acquisition and increase retention. 

Balance Me's Key Focus Areas were:

  • To leverage an ecommerce platform that would enable growth

  • To drive repurchases and the customer lifetime value with subscriptions and a loyalty programme

  • To foster retention and customer acquisition through email marketing

  • To upgrade product discovery and help customers better convert with AI-powered search



Balance Me chose GPMD as its agency partner to help them with the first challenge and migrate their site onto the BigCommerce platform. GPMD built a fully responsive and mobile optimised site with a redesign that reflected the Balance Me brand and its essence. GPMD also helped Balance Me by enhancing their BigCommerce website by integrating a powerful tech stack, as well as customising BigCommerce native features and building custom apps

The tech stack Balance Me invested includes Klaviyo for email and Klevu for its powerful automated AI search functionality to optimise product discovery. For more engagement and advocacy, Balance Me created a loyalty programme using technology from Smile and the Recharge app and integration for subscriptions. Additionally, the Balance Me team is dedicated to building their community building brand advocacy.



Working with BigCommerce allowed Balance Me to be innovative within ecommerce with its clever use of native discount and promotion features to help increase its overall basket value at checkout. Balance Me also utilised BigCommerce’s digital wallets feature, making it as easy as possible for its customers to complete a purchase, thus contributing to the seamless customer journey. Use of virtual bundles and beauty box sampling initiatives was the next focus, which had a strong impact on conversation rate.

Tech Stack

Balance Me focused on a strong tech stack to increase revenue, while optimising each phase of the customer journey:

  • Klaviyo for highly engaging emails for stronger customer retention

  • Smile for customer loyalty to increase the customer lifetime value

  • Recharge for subscriptions to enable repurchasing

  • Klevu to drive conversions through enhanced product discovery

“GPMD has helped Balance Me continue to evolve and fine tune our website to ensure we can continue to serve our thriving skincare community. Recent upgrades have included multi-currency, loyalty, subscription and search. They are friendly, talented and solutions-driven and we’ve really enjoyed partnering with them as we develop our DTC business.”

- Rebecca Hopkins, Co-Founder and Joint CEO of Balance Me



increase revenue


increase in CR


increase in AOV

Download the full case study

Download the case study to learn more about the Balance Me success story, the BigCommerce site and the tech stack implemented to drive engagement and customer lifetime value.

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