The Fish Society: Replatform to Shopware

Replatform to Shopware

Since migrating to Shopware in 2018, The Fish Society have seen:

Increase in Total Revenue
Increase in Traffic
Increase in CR

Twenty five years ago whilst working as a journalist Alistair Blair decided he was unimpressed by the range and quality of fish in supermarkets and set out to do better. His plan was to deliver top quality frozen fish direct to customers’ doors. At that time the internet was just a twinkle in the eye of Tim Berners-Lee, so Alistair’s sales process was all snail mail and magazine advertising. But in April 2000, the first order arrived on ...

… where you will now find more than 200 types of fish and 100 species of frozen seafood in their product assortment, making it the widest range of seafood available in one place online. Customers can purchase from a global selection including Snapper from New Zealand to Lobster from Canada and King Crab from Russia – all in one order, delivered to their house to cook. With quality as their utmost priority, The Fish Society are fully committed to offering superior grades of seafood in an online shop to match.

The Challenge

In 2018, The Fish Society partnered with GPMD to help them replatform, as well as an overall design revamp that spot upgrades couldn’t cover. Business was booming and they had outgrown their current site. They had some key areas for focus that needed improvement:

  • Multi-purpose problems
  • Overall help and improvement on integrations with third parties, 
  • Increase in site conversion rate
  •  Simplified customer journey and the overall buying process

An additional challenge was for GPMD to find a platform that could allow them to build a bespoke integration with their custom built “Einstein ERP” system.

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We've worked with GPMD through platform discovery, website build and growth strategy over the past few years. We're very pleased with the website that they've built for us. We feel the website has enabled us to push the growth of the company forward. We continue to work closely with GPMD on website optimisation and ecommerce strategy to meet our goals.
Jeremy Grieve, CEO

Tech Stack

Fresh Relevance

The Solution

Through careful due diligence, GPMD guided The Fish Society team to Shopware and they quickly saw the benefits the platform could offer. Since launching their Shopware store in 2018, it has become much easier to manage content and create new products, thereby vastly optimising routine tasks. Moreover, stock management is much easier to navigate and even creating promotions and tracking their success is faster. The telephone ordering process has improved as well, since the Stripe integration has facilitated a smoother checkout and the ability to retain customer card details. The integration with Einstein was carried out by using the prototype of what is now GPMD’s own integration platform (iPaaS) Apio to provide interfaces to manage Stock, Price and Orders.

In 2019, The Fish Society continued to expand their site with additional content such as Fishopedia, a blog extension of all things fish. Whilst constantly optimising the customer experience by making improvements to the Checkout flows, Product Detail Page (PDP), continuous design refreshes as well as expanding their personalisation reach. Despite the challenges of 2020, The Fish Society continued to thrive because of the strength in improving their operations, customer-centricity, focus on sustainability  and online growth.

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