Lazy Susan 2023

Custom Tech Stack for Optimised Customer Experience

increase in conversion rate for the UK site and up to 84% in France
increase in sample orders and a 43% conversion rate
increase in UK page speed and up to +10 on mobile

In 2007, from the humble confines of his garden shed, Michael Scott embarked on a journey that would transform his passion for garden furniture into a thriving family-run business - Lazy Susan.

Lazy Susan Furniture officially debuted in March 2007, introducing a range of furniture sets carefully curated to meet the needs of its growing customer base. Today, Lazy Susan is available in local languages for France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands, and also ships to Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and Portugal. 

Lazy Susan boasts a fast-growing business, propelled by a team whose dedication to delivering outstanding customer service and quality products at competitive prices remains unwavering. Yet, Lazy Susan is more than just a company—it's a force for good. Through the "Do Some Good" charity initiative, the company has donated over £376,000 to various causes, both local and international. As a customer, you're not just buying furniture; you're becoming part of a community that believes in making a positive impact.


After successfully migrating to Shopware, Lazy Susan’s initial challenge dealt with demand surging, but an existing setup that couldn’t keep pace. The hurdles were multifaceted, ranging from site maintenance challenges that demanded manual labour to a lack of usability and efficiency throughout the platform. The site's speed and performance suffered under the weight of intricate integrations, adversely impacting the overall user experience. A comprehensive overhaul was needed to optimise the user experience on all devices and to create more efficient processes. For the results on this, have a look at our Lazy Susan case study covering their migration and initial optimisation phase.

Recognising the need for a more strategic approach, Lazy Susan sought guidance from their agency GPMD to prioritise the right areas to grow their business.

Area 1:

Updated operations for more stability: Prioritising stability and minimising system bugs to enhance overall efficiency and facilitate customisation on the ERP and CRM side.

Area 2:

Automated setup for scalable growth: Implementing more automation for scalability, especially on the marketing and operations side, to efficiently track customer interactions.

Area 3:

A clever tech stack to increase retention: Leveraging third party technologies to increase conversions and customer retention

Area 4:

Strategy support: The partnership with GPMD played a pivotal role in guiding Lazy Susan towards a strategically aligned future.

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"GPMD has been our compass in navigating the intricacies of strategy, marketing, and operations. As we embark on the next chapter with our upcoming replatform, GPMD was the obvious choice for us to partner with. For us GPMD's strategic insights and hands-on approach have been instrumental, and we eagerly anticipate further growth together."
Alex Clarke, Head of Marketing, Lazy Susan Furniture

Platform & Tech Stack

  • Frictionless Operations with Odoo: Substantial updates and improvements, notably with the implementation of the ERP system Odoo, providing stability and reducing system bugs. Serving as both an ERP and CRM, Odoo facilitates tracking customer interactions, paving the way for a responsive and adaptable business model.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience with UX Design Updates: GPMD's UX design work focused on revamping the category and product detail pages, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. The strategic redesign contributes to a frictionless browsing and engagement process.
  • Marketing Technologies driving conversions and retention: To transform their email marketing, Lazy Susan leveraged Klaviyo, fostering meaningful customer conversations. With Klaviyo, Lazy Susan was able to convert 43% of people ordering samples, a group of winback customers. Since implementing Klaviyo, 76% of the email revenue has been generated through targeted flows. Another technology Lazy Susan has been using successfully is Trustpilot to enhance social proof. With over 5,000 reviews, Trustpilot has been instrumental in gathering customer feedback and building credibility.
  • Strategic Social Media Growth: Having worked on the social media marketing strategy with GPMD, Lazy Susan adopted a much more strategic and focused approach to building out its social media channels. Updates were made on the content and campaign side, as well as launching initiatives such as competitions, working with brand ambassadors, and integrating PPC into the campaigns (together with Prodos, Lazy Susan’s PPC agency), establishing a multifaceted approach to social media growth.

Tech Stack



Since 2020, Lazy Susan has forged a powerful partnership with GPMD, embarking on a journey to revitalise its strategy, marketing, and operations. GPMD's pivotal role in providing strategic guidance and optimising operational efficiency has set the stage for Lazy Susan's imminent site migration.

“The difference between our move to Shopware and our current replatform is that we were system and agency agnostic, and we went out to a number of agencies and had them pitch based on our specifications and the outcome functionality. This time around, we are very happy with GPMD and you know our business well, which made choosing a new platform together much easier. ” - Mark Chapple, Head of IT and Systems at Lazy Susan 

“GPMD has been fantastic in supporting our ecommerce and marketing objectives, helping us turn our visions into actions. Their support has helped shape our approach, driving significant achievements since beginning our partnership in 2020 to date. “ - Alex Clarke, Head of Marketing at Lazy Susan

In summary, the synergistic partnership with GPMD has ushered Lazy Susan into a transformative phase. Strategic, operational, and marketing optimisations have propelled the company towards a more responsive, streamlined, and strategically aligned future. 

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