The past, present and future of link bait - Hannah Smith at SearchLove London 2011
Paul Rogers / October 26, 2011

Hannah Smith works as an SEO Consultant for Distilled, who are the organisers of the SearchLove conference. Having never heard Hannah talk at an event before this conference, I didn't really no what to expect - but, to summarise her presentation in one word, it was "awesome", definitely one of my favourites of the event.

Hannah not only presented very well, but her presentation featured a number of examples of effective and creative link bait that illustrated the points that she made. 

Key takeaways from this presentation:

  • Really good ideas can get you links
  • Good news stories make good link bait
  • Hotornot generated over one million links
  • Ego-bait gets great links
  • Industry award sites will get links
  • Getting people to contribute to things = links
  • Justify linkbait expenditure by outlining the cost per link
  • Spoof campaigns make good link bait
  • PR hooks within headlines can earn links
  • Always have a PR angle
  • Using iPhone within your headline will get your links
  • Great product pages can get you links – is an example
  • Targeting – who do you want links from and what do they link to?
  • Crawl blogs to see what kind of content they link out to
  • Remember that it's not what you want – it's what the linkers want!
  • Having contacts that you can reach out to = great
  • Always have a PR option – industry news, blogs, PR sites etc
  • ITG 2011 survey = good data
  • Make it easy to share your content
  • Exceptional content will get good links
  • Brainstorming = good way to come up with link bait ideas