The GPMD Team Recommends... Podcast Edition

You know the feeling - you’ve just finished a very good podcast, read a very good book or watched a compelling TED Talk ...and now what? We’ve got you covered, the GPMD team are compiling their favourites for you to check out when you need some inspiration.

Our Chief Customer Officer (CCO) Rabia recently shared a TED article with the team on the seven types of rest every person needs. This led to a conversation about what media recommendations everyone in the team had. We’ll kick off this selection with podcasts we are currently listening to.  

These are some of our current favourites

“I love the podcast format, I find it a really easy way to digest information, throughout lock down I have looked forward to taking a walk whilst listening to a podcast.  Some of my favourites are: Culture Awesome, The Prof G Pod, CEO Brain Food, and Business Made Simple”. - Mark (CEO) 

Podcast #23: Gonçalo Silva (CTO, Doist) on building progression frameworks for a distributed team

“We’re currently reviewing the career progression and development process at GPMD and the Progression podcast has offered amazing insights and advice into daily work life. There was one particular episode with Doist that stuck with us and we really enjoyed it. We’ve basically recommended it to everyone on our team already.“ - Rabia (CCO) & Matt (Creative Director) 


“I'm a big fan of WorkLife with Adam Grant - it's part of TED and I already love listening to TED Talks Daily because they are so versatile. The episode that got me hooked was called ‘The real reason you procrastinate, which is always a good place to start...”  - Lena (Marketing Director)

“I like 99% Invisible - which is about design and architecture. There was a very interesting episode called Instant Gramification’ on the effect Instagram has on architecture and interior design (i. e. designing walls, bathrooms etc to be more instagrammable and thereby get free marketing).” - James (Frontend Developer)

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