Recovering abandoned shopping carts with Magento by Charles Nichols - Meet Magento UK
Mark Slocock / +Mark / October 27, 2011

Charles Nicholls, from Seewhy, delivered a talk that was packed full of data and research - the man clearly loves his numbers and gave a very engaging talk.

On average, 71% of people abandon their shopping cart, a statistic that is broadly true for our clients as well. There are two main reasons for this; either the price, or the customer not being ready to buy (Have a look at their conversion blog for more information).

If you use remarketing to try and improve on this stat, they have found that the biggest impact is in the first 12 hours - they tested this by sending exactly the same email immediately and after 24 hours. The result was a 105% improvement by sending immediately versus sending the email 24 hours later.

If you send the email after 24 hours, you risk getting out of step ie. they might have ordered in that time and if you're using an offer to try and tempt them back, you risk upsetting your customers.

Charles recommended using real-time and multi-stage campaigns for the best results. Sending an email immediately, followed by two more at later dates, resulted in 201% increase in conversion. The three steps to the campaign should be: 

  • Remind
  • Reassure
  • Promote

He recommended using a service - not a sales approach, giving a helpful tone to the copy of the email (not the hard sell), and only to use promotions on the last attempt. Other advice included to use product images and make the email look like the website they have just left. He also suggested using personalised subject lines, like 'Your VIP shopping offer'.

One recommendation that I'm a huge fan of is to use the word "your"!

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