Reasons to consider a website redesign in 2015
Leo Davie / July 9, 2015

For most brands, their website is their baby and it is often difficult to come to terms with the fact that it's not as beautiful as it could be but there are all manner of reasons that you website might be due an overhaul on the visual front.

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Improving one's website should be a constant process if you want to get ahead in the world of ecommerce and if any of the below reasons are applicable to your site, it might just be time to start changing things up:

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1. Your Website isn't responsive

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One of the principal reasons that any company should consider a website redesign is if their current offering isn't responsive. What this means is that the page will alter its dimensions to fit the device on which it is being loaded. With Google putting particular emphasis on websites having mobile friendly designs, there is no better time to ensure that your website meets all these criteria from a responsive design point of view.

2. Your Site Has Changed Its Purpose

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Many websites will, over time, shift focus and aim to do something a little different. A prime example of this would be an informational becoming ecommerce and this is clearly a big shift in terms of design and usability. However, many will not think about changing the design of their websites despite such a massive change in business tact but this will likely be detrimental to what you're trying to achieve so if you're changing the purpose of your website in 2015 (and beyond) you should also consider redoing its design at the same time.

3. Keeping up with your competitors

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The world of ecommerce is an incredibly competitive one and any website that stagnates and doesn't keep up to date with the latest trends risks being left behind their competitors. Website design is one of the chief areas to get right and one of the biggest pitfalls for many consumers out there. For any store that wants to remain competitive, it might just be imperative to keep tabs on your competitors and make sure that you're not being left behind on the design front.

4. Outdated CMS

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All CMS' have their limitations but if yours has become outdated and unwieldily, it might just be time for a redesign of the website, focusing on the type of CMS that you are utilising. With so many disparate choices out there from Wordpress to Shopify and beyond, choosing the right CMS for your requirements has never been more important and that's something that we're particularly adept at here at GPMD so if you've realised that it's time for an upgrade, we're only too happy to offer our expertise and assistance.

5. Poor U/X


U/X or user experience is a fundamental consideration for any ecommerce store and if yours is preventing your site from converting as well as it could be then it could be time to think about a website redesign. A good U/X takes into account aspects like usability for the user i.e. how easy it is to navigate around the website and find what you're looking for. It will also consider how aesthetically appealing the design is and whether it engages the user in the right way. If you've concerns about the usability of your website based upon its design, then now could be the right time to think about a redesign. 

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If you've decided that the time is now for a website redesign, we're happy to help here at GPMD and have a skilled team of designers, developers and marketers that can really make your website soar.

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