Our Top Magento Ecommerce Sites 2015
Leo Davie / June 1, 2015

When it comes to building a successful ecommerce store, it will be largely dependent on the calibre of the platform that you choose and, for that reason, it isn't difficult to see why most online retailers gravitate towards Magento - a leading open source platform favoured by some of the biggest brands in the world.

The chosen ecommerce platform will be pivotal to the success of a store online and Magento has got many fantastic examples of just what can be achieved with this sort of CMS and we've picked out some of our favourites (from both a design and functionality point of view) below:

V76 By Vaughn

Screen shot 2015 05 19 at 16.45.51

An ecommerce store today has to do so much more than just sell products. It must engage the consumer and present their wares in an eye-catching way - something that USA shaving goods and accessories purveyor, V76 By Vaughn, is only too aware.

A sleekly designed site coupled with a focus on selling and channeling the customer, V76 By Vaughn is a fantastic example of the great looking designs that can be crafted on the Magento Enterprise platform.

Visit V76 By Vaughn


Screen shot 2015 05 19 at 17.17.00

A superb example of a Magento ecommerce site that knows the importance of imagery and information in gaining the trust of the consumer and one that superbly channels the user to the relevant sections of the site simply and effectively. Mophie is a mobile phone accessories brand and they've established themselves as one of the key names in the industries through the functionality of their Magento Enterprise site.

Visit Mophie

Cowshed Online

Screen Shot 2015 05 20 at 13.41.59

A Magento site that we've got a little bit of a vested interest in here at GPMD as we were behind its build but one that definitely merits a spot in our list of top Magento ecommerce websites for 2015. Understated and simple to use, the Cowshed store, which sells a selection of beauty and bath products, has proven to be a very successful platform for enhancing the sales and reputation of this established brand.

Visit Cowshed

Make Your Odyssey

Screen Shot 2015 05 20 at 14.55.14

Minimalist design at it's finest, the fantastic looking Magento site from the chaps at Make Your Odyssey that really shows that you don't need to go OTT with your product pages and the lack of bells and whistles does a great job of making the shopping process much more streamlined and effective.

Visit Make Your Odyssey


Screen Shot 2015 05 20 at 15.29.07

We're not just including TeaTox (a German purveyor of fine, organic teas) because we're lovers of a good brew here at GPMD (and get through copious amounts of tea leafs each day) but also because it happens to be an excellent Magento website that is both user friendly and visually engaging. Simple to navigate with plenty of information about their organic teas, TeaTox immediately seems like a site you've been familiar with even if its your first time on it.

Visit TeaTox


Screen Shot 2015 05 20 at 16.18.50

Paperchase obviously have a highly visible presence on UK high streets and they've managed to transfer the eclectic nature of their bricks and mortar stores and transplant it online with a highly accomplished Magento site that really does make finding your stationery and accessories a doddle. Clean design and great functionality combine to make Paperchase one of our favourite Magento ecommerce sites for 2015.

Visit Paperchase

Fred Perry

Screen Shot 2015 05 20 at 16.34.26

An iconic British brand and one that definitely knows the importance of having a strong online store despite being sold so much via other ecommerce providers. The Fred Perry store is built on Magento Enterprise and exudes the effortless cool synonymous with the brand itself. More and more big brands like Fred Perry are now gravitating towards Magento due to the myriad benefits that it provides and this is a top notch example of it being done right.

Visit Fred Perry


Screen Shot 2015 05 20 at 16.57.11

Perhaps not as visually engaging as some of the entrants in our list but by no means less functional, the Hi-Tec store is built on Magento and provides all the features that consumers will want when it comes to making their purchases online. Functional, versatile and well-built, Hi-Tec isn't a looker maybe but it's just right for this rugged outdoor brand.

Visit Hi-Tec

The Watch Gallery

Screen shot 2015 05 21 at 10.56.53

Another example that we have a vested interest in here at GPMD, The Watch Gallery is one of the UK's leading providers of high end timepieces and it's on our list not just because we built it but also because it's a superb example of showing how two different platforms (it's made on both Silverstripe and Magento) can come together to produce a highly efficient and slick website that generates sales and informs customers.

Visit The Watch Gallery

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