Ometria's Lifecycle event 2019

I’ve always thought the content at Lifecycle looked great, so when the opportunity came up to sponsor the event we jumped at the chance, and we weren’t disappointed.

Sam and I attended the event, and I thought I’d share my top 10 highlights that I took away with me from the the talks, round tables and conversations that we had over the two days:

  1. Dr Beth Butterwick’s question she asks when starting a new role: “What do you want to stop, start or continue?” Beth also highlighted the importance of a consistent brand story across all channels which, for me, also means working your campaigns across all channels. This point was mentioned in numerous talks and panel discussions
  2. Elvis & Kresse discussing how a campaign to communicate the fact they were never going to discount, led to a 167% increase in sales
  3. Loyalty programs and rewards were also mentioned a number of times - my take away, “loyalty programmes should be kept simple, and make sure you understand the impact on the business”
“loyalty programmes should be kept simple, and make sure you understand the impact on the business”

4.How Feel Unique used Ometia’s AI Affinity Model personalisation during the Summer Sale, which drove a 9% margin increase and a 100% conversion increase.

5.How gifting to social influencers is huge! The main point, “Make sure you get permission before sending anything”. I was a little surprised that some brands don’t do this

6.The micro influencer model can be a great way for brands to go - make sure you look at who is following the influencers you work with

Influencer marketing

7.When using pop-ups to ask for customer data, make sure you put the pop-up on the second page the customer visits, otherwise google may give you a penalty

8.Use personalisation to send customers targeted emails based on what they have bought, and complementary products

9.An amazing 71% of consumers surveyed by Ometria said they had been targeted with advertising for products that were out of stock, and 56% said they’d received messages for products they had already bought

10.That The Hive Network community exists, and the huge value there is in talking to your peers and competitors

All-in-all it was a really enjoyable two days, thank you Ometria for having us.

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