MagentoLive UK 2015: Highlights!
Alex Corradi / +Alex / June 23, 2015

With Magento 2 being released to all merchants later this year, MagentoLive UK 2015 was definitely the place to be to find out everything there is to be known about the future of the most popular eCommerce platform in the world!

Here are some highlights from MagentoLive UK 2015:

  • Magento 2 'will' be available to all merchants from Q4 of 2015 
  • Early testing suggests that Magento 2 will be 25% faster than Magento 1 but they still have quite a lot of work to do to increase the performance at checkout
  • Magento will be introducing Service Contracts Interfaces with the launch of Magento 2
  • Magento's test framework is here
  • This blog post has everything you need to know about Magento 2 "Where is Magento 2 now? Let’s hear the experts’ opinion" 
  • Magento 2 code base is now available on GitHub 
  • Page composition in Magento 2 is much more granular, giving increased reusability - @benmarks
  • Magento have been working closely with @zend, and the early results of Magento 2 with PHP7 look extremely promising
  • Tech stack to be used in Magento 2 include: Composer, Angular JS, LESS, jQuery, Grunt, Knockout, Node JS, RequireJS...
  • Magento is establishing an alert registry for helping us keep up to date with security related issues and patches -
  • Magento U courses are now being offered at the University of Leeds Beckett @leedsbeckett
  • Magento has 28% of the top 100k sites in the world, 43% in the UK 
  • Implementing PayPal express checkout improves conversions by up to 70% - @lars_carlsson
  • Good presentation (as always) from Chris Wells from @nexcess, this time about 'How not to FAIL at PCI compliance. The one thing that was reiterated throughout the presentation is that "PCI compliance is hard"!
  • @b_ike's presentation about security best practices was very interesting. Check him out on twitter for more info.
  • Magento v1.14 will be supported for 3 years after Magento 2 is available to public
  • Interesting that there's potential for ElasticSearch to be part of Magento 2 out of the box - @graemelambert

And finally, a legend was spotted wearing this T-shirt:


Until next year...