Magento 1.8.1
James Basoo / February 24, 2014

Magento CE helps advance overall product quality and ease operations by providing significant tax calculation improvements, a wide range of bug fixes, and several security enhancements.

See the full release notes for more in-depth information.


Tax Calculation Improvements

CE resolves Value Added Tax (VAT) and Fixed Product Tax (FPT) issues so that Magento administrators can create invoices and credit memos to give merchants merchants access to accurate and consistent tax calculations and displays. We’ve also addressed:

  • VAT tax calculation issues for cross-border trade
  • Tax rounding issues when multiple taxes are applied
  • VAT and FPT calculation issues for bundled products
  • Support for the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (W.E.E.E.) recycling tax in the EU

Functional Improvements

CE includes bug fixes across important feature areas, including the shopping cart, checkout, content management system, and product import and export function. Many of these updates came from a hackathon held with Magento community developers, which demonstrates the vitality of our development community and their powerful ability to help us advance the platform.

Security Enhancements

CE includes several security enhancements that were identified through our rigorous security assessment process. Magento complements its own comprehensive internal testing with quarterly penetration testing by expert consultants and actively works with the development community to identify security issues in order to harden the platform against potential threats.

Potential bugs

With Fixes

Four serious issues with 1.8.1 upgrade (with solutions)

Blank Page at view_order after Upgrade from 1.7. to

Customer cannot login to magento 1.8.1

Without Fixes

Product Reviews not being submitted after 1.8.1 upgrade

Downloadable product links no longer work

After upgrade, PDF Shipping Slip Errors

Issues with Reindexing in 1.8.1

USPS Not Showing options

Invalid method Mage_Core_Block_Messages (There is a potential fix, but it’s editing the Magento core)

Categories tree not working adding a product after 1.8.1 upgrade