How to Live Stream on your Website
Becki Griffiths / July 14, 2015

It’s usually fun to be a voyeur. You can take a journey into someone else's shoes without even leaving your seat now thanks to these two, virtually indistinguishable apps.

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Live Streaming is simply allowing others to view what you are seeing, in real time via an app. The idea behind social live streaming is that people can comment & like your streams too.

In the red corner we have Meerkat, formerly AIR or Yevvo. Originally founded in 2012 by Ben Rubin, it was unveiled in Feb 2015 at the SXSW festival. Fans of Meerkat: Redbull, The Tonight Show & DKNY.

In the blue corner it’s Periscope. Founded under a year ago by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein, these guys potentially have the edge, having sold Periscope to Twitter for a reportedly cool $100million. Fans of Periscope: The British Museum, Roger Federer & Aaron Paul.

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Fighting for both corners….Arnold Schwarzenegger!

So what’s the crack? Well both rely on Twitter as a platform, so Periscope is winning the war here, that’s not say Meerkat aren’t trying. However with these benefits Periscope are closing the door on Meerkat.

  • For 24 hours after the live stream Periscope allows viewers to rewatch. Meerkat streams disappear.
  • The level of user data Periscope provide after a stream outweighs Meerkat.
  • If we are getting technical, Meerkat has a 30 second delay on live stream, Periscope does not.
  • From a visual perspective, Periscope is clean like it’s owner Twitter, Meerkat is a little more cluttered, shall we say.

Well that’s all well and good I hear you cry but how can this benefit online retailers? As long as you aren’t concerned with retaining the stream (you can’t save it so you’d need to video it twice) these apps provide a perfect platform for you to show your audience a behind the scenes view.

Perhaps a sneak peak of an upcoming collection, behind the scenes at your next season shoot. It allows you to be as creative as you want.

This is completely new territory for brands and with it being a fairly lawless landscape it’s hard to know if the darker side of this app will outweigh the positive. We’ve all had a 4g connection that may as well be dial up so that’s another issue to consider when live streaming.

It seems landscape steaming isn’t an option either so everything is going to look a little tall. But this could be a fun medium to experiment with as a company. Who knows you might see GPMD on there some time soon.

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