How to deploy best practice online retail in Magento: 50+ tips to increase conversions by Roger Willcocks - Meet Magento UK
Mark Slocock / +Mark / October 27, 2011

Roger Willcocks, from ScreenPages, gave a fast paced talk that was full of tips on how to improve traffic and conversion.

Roger's talk was so fast paced that I found it hard to keep up with my notes. Roger opened by explaining who Screen Pages were, what they do and a little about his history (he has lots of experience and has been at ScreenPages since 2002), he then showed some statistics based on client research:

Source of Traffic % of Visitors Bounce Rate Conversion rate
Search Engines 35.9% 31.9% 2.06%
Direct 15.2% 30.2% 3.2%
Referrals 11.9% 31.2% 1.7%
Email 7.5% 22.1% 3.4%
Know us 44%    

The key point here is that the conversion rate from direct and email traffic (ie. those customers who know you) is much higher than those that don't (the 'know us' figure in the table above includes a % of customers who found the site by searching for the brand name).

I found the conversion rate content very interesting, it was fantastic to see these figures as it is very hard to find any information on actual conversion rates.

Here are some of the points that Roger made (from memory) - most of these are easy and inexpensive things you can do to your website (in no particular order):

  • Set-up webmaster tools
  • Add content to your category pages
  • Even better, make the top-level category pages a doorway into sub-categories
  • Add good, long copy to your product pages - you have the space, use it!
  • Photography is really important and doesn't need to cost a huge amount, a kit costs approx £1,000 
  • Use Whatusersdo and Attentionwizard to test your websites
  • Email converts well - send at least 1 email per week
  • Put delivery costs upfront (product and cart pages)
  • Don't use the "secured by SagePay" logo - no one knows what it is - use 'Verified by Visa' and 'Secure Code' instead (I have to say we're guilty of this one - it's a good point)
  • Make the cart layout simple, ditch the Magento shipping calculator and use static content instead
  • Make the checkout buttons LARGE
  • Ditch guest checkout
  • Use Magento's built-in Google products module to list your products in Google Shopping / Google Base)
  • Add a survey to your checkout success page
  • Use the Aheadworks sociable module for Magento
  • Add video to your site and set-up a YouTube channel - does have to be professionally shot and edited
  • Read Flicks & Clicks – Mel Henson
  • Offer free returns
  • Offer free delivery
  • Add reviews and ratings
  • Collect the email before taking the credit card details in your checkout
  • Display clearly any aid to purchase (e.g Free Gift Wrapping)

That's about all I can remember, not even half - pathetic! If anyone can help me out add a comment to let me know what I missed!