How to Choose your Payment Gateway: What To Look Out For
Leo Davie / June 25, 2015

If you're an ecommerce store that wants to take payments online, you will need a payment gateway of some description (a payment gateway is an application service provider service that authorises credit card payments for online stores and replaces the traditional point of sale technology) but it can be difficult to know where to begin...


....but we're here to help at GPMD towers and our guide to payment gateways below should stand you in good stead in choosing the right solution for you:


The Main Players

The first choice that you will be faced with so far as payment gateways are concerned is the actual provider that you choose to go with. We've outlined some of the most common payment gateways below for your consideration:


paypal 2014 logo detail

Every online retailer worth their salt will have heard of PayPal which is an American worldwide online payments system that is extremely popular throughout United Kingdom, Europe and the United States for its ease of use and level of support and might be a great option for small to medium sized online retailers.



Sage Pay are a UK based payment gateway provider who are a good example of a catch all application as they have shown themselves to work successfully with start up ecommerce stores and multi-national brands alike. A popular platform for UK based retailers online and one that you will likely consider when taking your first steps into selling online.



Stripe is a payment gateway for web and mobile payments which was built with developers specifically in mind and this is something which is extremely important given the number of different ecommerce platforms out there that are routinely used by online stores. A quick and easy way of starting to take payments online if you've skilled developments on hand to implement its key features.



Describing themselves as providing the tools that people need to build businesses, Braintree Payments are actually a PayPal company but offer their own gateway for ecommerce stores to utilise. This efficient platform lets companies all over the world to take payments online and lets customers make a purchase with one touch so it is easy to see why it's becoming more and more popular amongst retailers online.

This is just a selection of the payment gateways out there and you can find other platforms that might be better suited to your requirements.

Features of Payment Gateways

What you should be looking for

There are some features of payment gateways which might well have a bearing on whether you choose them for your online retail store but some of the main ones you need to be aware of include:

  • TRANSACTION FEES - One of the biggest costs that online retailers forget about when it comes to choosing their payment gate is that of transaction fees. This entails the payment gateway you choose taking a small percentage of each sale for allowing to use their app to facilitate the purchase. The amount of the transaction fee differs from provider to provider and can be dependent on other factors such as size of store and type of product.
  • FEES FOR SETUP - A number of the payment gateway platforms will have setup fees that need to be paid to make your online retail space suitable for their payment processing app. This type of fee will only need to be paid once of course but it is still a cost that will need to be factored into your decision.
  • ONGOING MONTHLY FEES - Most payment gateways have ongoing monthly fees built into using their platforms such as subscription fees and a charge for being able to collect money with their app. This type of fee is usually dependent on the number of transactions typically made on a monthly basis.

The fees that are associated with payment gateways will have a direct bearing on your profits so its important to pay it due attention prior to making your platform decision.

There are various other considerations to think about when choosing your platform such as how long it takes to start being able to accept payments online, what sort of support your chosen platform offers and what payment features are included within the monthly recurring costs.

Long story short, it can be quite a daunting prospect...

Building An Ecommerce Store?

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