Book Review: A Practical Guide to Information Architecture
Mark Slocock / +Mark / August 5, 2011

Published in June 2010 this book by Donna Spencer and published by Five Simple Steps is a fantastic overview of not only Information Architecture but also includes lots of tips to help run website development projects.

The first few chapters take you through how to develope the Information Architecture for any web projects, it outlines various technicques for mapping out site structure and how to do a full audit of an existing websites.

It also covers advice in how to manage projects, develop content, how to create wireframes and design navigation systems (my favourite chapter) but perhaps most importantly how to understand your users and create site structure that helps them achieve their goals.  

I found it a great read and there were a number of tips and tricks I coudl take away to help make our project process even better.

Buy A Practical Guide to Information Architecture on Five Simple Steps, and be sure to check out Donna's blog Practical Information Architecture