5 Great Infographics We Love
Leo Davie / July 14, 2015

When it comes to creating engaging content for your blog, it isn't always about crafting well written, knowledgeable blog posts, it is just as important to balance this with visually arresting content and that's why infographics prove immeasurably popular - when done right!

We take a look at five of our favourite infographics from the last few months and explain what about them makes them so great and engaging. Check out our picks below:

1. Pacquiao Vs Mayweather

The Floyd Mayweather Vs Manny Pacquiao fight was one of the biggest in boxing history so it was only fitting that there was an infographic about it that was equally as epic and this magnificently in depth, dynamic offering was one of the best we've seen in a while here at GPMD. Impressively put together, visually engaging and thoroughly informative - the holy trinity of a good infographic.

2. The Fallen of WWII

Proving that an infographic doesn't need to be a static piece of content, this exceptionally engaging and thought provoking video infographic that provides an animated, data-driven overview of the loss of life during WWII. Compelling and thought-provoking, a great example of thinking outside the box with infographic design.

3. Flight Videos Deconstructed

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There is something mesmerising about watching animals in flight and this visually stylish animated gif infographic called Flight Videos Deconstructed admirably illustrates the flight dynamics of a number of different creatures such as the Canadian Goose and Egyptian Fruit Bat. Not an extensive offering but one that engages on a visual level and which is genuinely interesting.

4. Apple #FAIL

APPLE FAIL Infographic 700px

A more typical type of infographic (namely, one long list of compiled information), this is one of our favourites here at GPMD as we're technophiles and love our gadgetry. Needless to say, Apple are one of the success stories of the business world but it's always heartening to see even the best have their moments of failure and this comprehensive infographic shows some of Apple's biggest fails to date.

5. How You're Killing Your Own Creativity

killing your creativity infographic

Creativity is the lifeblood of a digital agency and we can all take in some key learning points from the great little infographic from Entrepreneur called How You're Killing Your Own Creativity which showcases what you should and shouldn't be doing when it comes to making the most of your own creative talents.


We love great design here at GPMD and there are few ways in which creativity in design is better illustrated than through well crafted infographics such as those we've outlined above. Let us know in the comments if you've got any other infographics you think are worthy of a mention.

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