5 Great Email Marketing Tips for 2015
Leo Davie / June 12, 2015


If you're an ecommerce store, few tools are more valuable or pivotal to your growth than that of email marketing and it pays to know all the latest happenings in this space that will see your profits soar.

Engaging potential customers through email is one of the easiest ways of driving sales to an ecommerce store but there are thousands of online retailers who may well be missing a trick by not utilising various email marketing tips and tricks at their disposal - you can see our top tips for email marketing success below:

Think About The Device

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It's crucial to realise that a vast proportion of consumers now open their emails on a mobile device and ensuring that you're sending responsive emails will be one of the most important tips to remember for your email marketing in 2015.

There are few things more frustrating to a user than open an email that doesn't resize to the screen size of their device and if your emails aren't responsive then don't expert them to convert as well as they potentially could.

Most email platforms like Mailchimp, Bronto, Adestra et al will offer responsive templates as part of their services so make sure that you utilise them.

Consider Cross Channel Marketing

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Email is far and away one of the most effective means of driving traffic and sales to your website but in order to do email marketing truly effectively, you need to think about your cross channel marketing endeavours.

You can harness the power of your email data base in 2015 and use it for some cross channel marketing that will enhance your understanding of the individual behind the email address.

Leading email campaigns nowadays don't just send an email and rest on their laurels, they will supplement it across multiple channels such as SMS, social and those who have engaged with adverts you've created.

Use Your Platform Data

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Most ecommerce platforms today are a veritable treasure trove of valuable information that is just waiting to be utilised for targeted email campaigns and exploring the data in your ecommerce back-end such as abandoned baskets can really help drive conversions.

It would be folly not to make use of the data that is there for the taking in your ecommerce platform and this low hanging fruit really can make the world of difference to your email marketing campaigns. People who abandon baskets for example are warm leads that can easily be turned into a sale with a well constructed email with a discount or some other incentive.

Calls To Action Are Key

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The call to action is the real money maker so far as email marketing is concerned so it shouldn't be an afterthought that you tag onto the end of an email. It should be integral to all email marketing you send out and you need to combine all facets of your email (subject line, copy and images) to create a unified, compelling call to action which will make the recipient act upon the email.

Any call to action that you choose needs to be abundantly clear and easy to follow so you don't confuse the consumer and prevent them from potentially converting into a sale which, of course, is the overriding objective of any emails that you send as an ecommerce store.

Automation No-Brainer

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Most of the leading email platforms out there today provide functionality to create automated email campaigns which takes a lot of the legwork out of creating an ongoing ecommerce email campaign. Drip campaigns will be central to achieving the sort of results that you're looking to achieve with your email marketing in 2015 and beyond and if you've got the capabilities to do this sort of marketing it would be crazy not to take it up.

Drip email campaigns which can be set up through automation are all about sending the right email at the right time and this is something that comes from experience and understanding the requirements of your email customer database. Personalised drip feed emails are much more likely to yield positive results in terms of conversion and you'll find that most email platforms offer the functionality to personalise your emails simply and effectively.

Interested in Email?

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