Matt graduated with a degree in graphic design back in the dark ages when drawing-boards were still a thing, and Macs had tiny 8” black and white screens! His background in print and typography has given him a solid foundation in the principles of design, whilst his love of technology and the rise of the internet has proved to be a perfect match.

Matt joined GPMD in 2012. He decided it was time to make the jump from a generalist career in design to exclusively design for web, which was really where his interests lay. Since then he has been instrumental in helping transition the company through the many technological and systematic changes we have seen in our industry: responsive web design; scalable and modular CSS architecture; design systems and so on. He is particularly passionate about ‘design ops’; bridging the gap between web design and engineering.

When he’s not designing or coding he enjoys playing tennis, reading graphic novels, watching scary movies, and playing video games.

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