Our Approach

At GPMD we place a great importance on your business objectives. Our approach is to work together as a team, focus on getting the fundamentals right and build a solid strategy for long-term sustainable growth.

Through a series of workshops, we uncover key opportunities for you and distil our findings into an actionable strategy. We provide a comprehensive plan of action including strategic tactics around acquisition, retention and customer lifetime value.

Services include:

  • Holistic Business Strategy
  • Comprehensive Bespoke Workshops tailored to your business
  • Business / Commercial Audit
  • Cohort Analysis Report
  • Financial Model & Forecasting
  • Roadmapping
  • Definition of Business Goals & KPIs
  • Bespoke Strategy Guide tailored to the format you require

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Rabia Qureshi
Rabia Qureshi
Mark Slocock
Mark Slocock

Who you'll work with

Both Rabia and Mark have been working in ecommerce for a number of years and they are passionate about helping retailers solve complex problems involving all aspects of their businesses.

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