Matt Bailey

Digital Creative Director

Matt is an experienced frontend designer and developer (he’s older, but less good looking than his photo would have you believe), who enjoys making ‘stuff’ for web and occasionally writing blog posts.

You won’t often find him using words such as ‘multi-channel’, or ‘strategic fit’, but he may let the odd “what do you mean you're not doing responsive web design yet?” or “Thats a damn sexy piece of typography” slip out.

When he’s not geeking out over the latest cool icon font he can usually be found reading graphic novels, watching scary movies and doting over his gorgeous little daughter (not all at the same time he hastens to add).

Matt Bailey
Matt Bailey Digital Creative Director

You can chat-Matt-up on Twitter, rip-off his excellent LinkedIn profile, or scoff at his blog writing skills. Should you care about such things, you can find his Google+ profile here.

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