Our Top 5 Business Books To Read This Year

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good reading list, which is why we are curating our top picks for you.

We may not have the star power of the former US president or celebrities sharing their book club recommendations, but we’ve been reading some great books that we want to share with you.  

These are some of our current favourites

“I had the pleasure of taking the time to delve into Atomic Habits. We all think about how best to achieve the goals that we may set for ourselves at work and in life. This book discusses how to do that by making small changes over time which make a huge difference to your life, work, and relationships overall. It's a revolutionary book and I found it to be extremely insightful! I'd recommend this to anyone looking to build better habits in their life overall.” - Rabia (Chief Customer Officer)

“I really enjoyed The Culture Map. It was recommended to me and I am passing on this recommendation - it’s a very entertaining read for anyone working in an international work environment. I learned a lot about my own culture and the ones I work with.” - Lena (Marketing Director)

Shares Made Simple von Rodney Hobson

‘‘I'd recommend Shares Made Simple: A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market. An easy and enjoyable book that helps demystify all the jargons and concepts of investing. A must read for any retail investors like myself.‘’ Dan (Solutions Specialist)

“I’ve just finished two books Business Adventures and Lean Solutions, both are excellent reads for very different reasons. As a final bonus, I can also highly recommend: What they don't teach you at Harvard Business School.” - Mark (CEO)

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