Our CEO’s 7 startups to watch from Web Summit 2023​​

From diverse content tracks to the vibrant startup ecosystem, Web Summit is a thriving hub for innovation. Companies from over 93 countries took to the stage for the startup competition PITCH, pitching their groundbreaking ideas. I loved the PITCH semi finals and finals: the companies were very impressive, solving real problems with great passion and innovation. Here are the 7 that stood out for me:

1. Acrylic Robotics

A robotics company pushing boundaries, Acrylic Robotics caught my attention with their innovative solutions. Their commitment to advancing robotics technology to help support independent artists resonate strongly with me. This was a great example of how technology is being utilised to make art more accessible.

2. Digital First AI

Digital First AI's focus on artificial intelligence to create and execute marketing plans intrigued me. Their cutting-edge solutions hold the promise of transforming how businesses leverage AI, paving the way for smarter, more efficient growth-hacking tactics.

3. Joinrs

Joinrs stood out for their unique approach to artificial intelligence. They developed an artificial intelligence model able to read job offers for candidates to show them the ones that best match for their profile. 

4. Twain AI

Twain AI's forward-thinking approach to communication shows how technology seamlessly integrates with human experiences. Having a “co-pilot” to create highly engaging outbound messages is great, but what resonated even more with me was the startup itself and its values as a brand. 

5. Kinderpedia

Kinderpedia's mission to revolutionise education technology stood out. Their innovative platform promises to reshape the educational landscape, providing efficient solutions for educators, parents, and students alike.

6. Climate Camp 

Addressing the pressing issue of climate change, Climate Camp's innovative solutions demonstrate a commitment to leveraging technology for environmental sustainability. Their vision aligns with the urgent need for impactful climate action.

7. Inspira

Noteworthy for not only participating but winning the PITCH contest, Inspira impressed with their legal tech solutions. Their victory is a testament to their innovative approach and the impact they aim to make in the legal tech landscape.

These startups embody the spirit of innovation witnessed at Web Summit 2023. Their groundbreaking ideas and commitment to solving real-world problems with passion make them ones to watch in the evolving tech landscape.

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Main Image Source: PHOTOG/Web Summit

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