Leo Davie

Head of Content

Since graduating from the University of Leeds in 2003, Leo has worked for a number of digital and marketing agencies across Yorkshire - carrying out search engine optimisation (SEO) work for clients which have ranged from local businesses through to multi-national companies such as Hi-Tec.

Leo has a keen interest in all things SEO and tries to keep his ear to the ground in the rapidly changing world of internet marketing. He has over five years of experience in link building and writing search engine optimised content for clients and has written about many diverse topics - spanning CCTV drain inspections and Egyptian cotton sheets.

Leo's other passion is sport - in particular football - and he has played since joining his local football team in Derbyshire at the age of 9. His footballing career peaked at age 14 when he was invited to a trial for Chesterfield F.C - and plateaued some 20 minutes later when he scored an own goal in said trial. 

Having lived in the North his whole life, Leo is now in the process of acclimatising to the South where he finds the pints upsettingly expensive and that the concept of "scraps" in a chip shop is greeted with bemused looks.

Leo passed the Google Analytics IQ exam on the 16th of March 2012.

You can follow Leo on Twitter, Google Plus or via his men's lifestyle magazine, The Coolector.