Magento SEO Audits FROM GPMD.

GPMD have undertaken SEO audits for a wide range of large, established Magento Community and Enterprise stores and, in doing so, have helped to resolve core technical problems and generally improve organic performance.

We've delivered audits for some of the largest Magento stores from all over the world, resolving underlying issues ranging from migration issues to large-scale duplicate content problems.


  • Magento configuration (product catalog setup, multi-store setup, URLs, layered navigation etc)
  • Technical SEO (crawlability issues, handling of dynamic pages, use of directives, duplicate content issues, use of structured data, indexation problems etc)
  • On-page SEO (page templates, UGC, use of content, meta content etc)
  • Visibility analysis (review of visibility and analytics data over the last 2-3 years with a view to diagnosing issues)
  • Links (review of existing link profile and recommendations for generating coverage / managing activity)
  • Recommendations & Fixes (list of actions prioritised by impact and complexity to fix)


Our audits are completed by SEO experts and are delivered as one main report, with a number of supporting documents. The report is usually around 70 pages in length and is designed to be actionable, with full specifications for developers and your in-house team.

If you would like to start an audit project or have any questions, please fill in the form below: