Magento Performance Audit from GPMD.

GPMD are vastly experienced in optimising Magento websites and have delivered considerable improvements in load time for a host of enterprise-level stores.

The audits are delivered by a team of certified developers and the report itself is designed to be actionable, yet detailed. Once we’ve delivered the report, we provide the option of implementing the fixes yourself (via your existing development resource), or we can provide an estimate to resolve the issues for you.

Below are some of the core areas we focus on as part of the performance audit - although there will be additional ones that are bespoke to your setup / technology stack.

  • Review of URL rewrites and issues caused
  • Review and recommendations around caching
  • Review of Magento logs
  • Server sertup and configuration
  • Gzip compression
  • Review of core code (with a view to identifying any inefficiencies / bottlenecks)
  • Review of server requests
  • Reindex process testing
  • Page template review (review of performance impacts on homepage, product list page, CMS pages, category pages, cart / checkout pages and any other page templates you have)

The performance audit is mostly technical and will require a Magento developer to implement the fixes. The last section of the audit contains all of the recommendations in order of impact and complexity to apply.

In order to complete the audit, we will need access to your Magento admin, Git / SVN access to your server and your Google Analytics account (to do analysis around the page load times of different pages etc).

We’ve delivered performance audits to merchants all around the world, which have helped to contribute to significant improvements in the conversion rates of the website. If you would like more information about the audits, please fill out the form below.