Magento Code Audits from GPMD.

GPMD have been working with the Magento platform since 2009 and have delivered a host of enterprise-level Magento Community and Enterprise stores. In addition to our design and build offering, we also complete lots of Magento code reviews / audits, helping to identify and fix issues with your Magento codebase and implementation.

Our code audits are delivered by certified developers and are designed to help provide actionable fixes for technical and scalability issues.

We’re based in London (Old Street), however we’ve delivered code audits for Magento audits from all over the world - which have helped to uncover and fix core issues, reduce bottlenecks and generally make stores more manageable for admin users and developers.

Here are some of the core focal areas of our Magento code audits.

  • Review of any changes to the Magento core
  • Full audit of your Magento codebase
  • Complete review of all modules
  • Analysis of Magento logs
  • Performance review and recommendations (including review of caching)
  • Recommendations around server setup
  • Review of theme and front-end assets

These are just some of the top-level focal areas - we would also cover lots of other areas bespoke to your implementation and the issues you’re facing.

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