Paid search audit.

GPMD have delivered a number of paid search reviews / audits for our clients, resulting in more more effective campaigns, higher revenue and lower CPAs.

Here are some of the core areas covered as part of our paid search audits:

  • Account structure - recommendations around re-structuring campaigns and ad groups with the intention of improving keyword targeting and reducing CPCs. We'll also review things like local targeting, time of day bids, mobile, seasonality etc.
  • Ad extensions - recommendations on using different ad extensions to improve click-through rates.
  • Ads - review of ad copy and recommendations around ad rotation.
  • Keyword targeting / budget allocation - recommendations around using budget more effectively and new keyword opportunities, aimed at reducing overall CPA and removing low performing search terms.
  • Landing pages - recommendations around creating new, more-specific landing pages to help drive more conversions
  • PLA / Google shopping - recommendations around optimising your PLA account and feed to improve efficiency and drive more conversions.
  • Remarketing - recommendations around using remarketing and building lists effectively.
  • Tracking - creating CPA goals, high CPCs, under-performing ad groups / campaigns etc

As well as delivering an audit report, we also provide the option of us applying the changes to your account. In the past, implementing the changes to the account has allowed us to deliver significant improvements in revenue and reductions in overall CPA of up to 40%.

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