Full Ecommerce Audit

GPMD have built and maintained a number of enterprise-level websites, helping them to grow considerably and mature as an online retailer. We’ve also helped to deliver considerable improvements around customer retention, overall customer experience and conversion rates.

We’ve completed a number of customer experience audits, both for our retained clients and independently, providing data-driven and actionable insight into current barriers / issues and recommendations for improving the performance of your site.

Here’s a top-level overview of some of the core areas of these audits:

  • Performance review (review of key technical issues and bottlenecks impacting your performance / load time)
  • Review of automated email activity (review use of email across your website and comms strategy - triggered email, post-purchase emails, segmentation, single customer view / modelling)
  • Product reviews (analysis around existing use of product reviews - including review of your platform, the process, acquisition strategy etc)
  • User testing (we'd commission mobile and desktop user tests and analyse the findings)
  • User journey analysis (review of how users are navigating the website with the intention of detailing opportunities around improvements and identifying barriers / blockers)
  • Review of site search, merchandising and product recommendations (looking for issues around how products are positioned / served, ineffective search results, product recommendations, upsells etc)
  • Analytics review (opportunities to generate more insight into user interaction, attribution and generally get more from your analytics platform)
  • Review of all page templates (how you can get more from different pages, improve call to actions / next steps and showcase information more effectively)

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