The world of digital marketing is a foggy one for many businesses and it is often difficult to know where to begin. Well, consider us here at GPMD your windscreen wipers, removing this fog and giving you a clear view of where your business could be if we work together to meet your required online objectives. But how do we do this, I hear you say?

GPMD have helped clients of all sizes achieve their key objectives. Here are some of the core digital consulting services we offer.


Your website is the digital window into your business but if you don’t market it properly online then you won’t be getting the right people looking through. By creating engaging content and optimising your website, GPMD will make sure that you’re appearing where you want it to be online as we strive to provide tangible results.


Google can be a harsh mistress and is often quite demanding in her Pay Per Click (PPC) requirements. Fortunately for you, however, here at GPMD we are well versed in dealing with her and can help in deciding objectives, formulating keywords and running PPC Campaigns on your behalf. A great means of improving site visibility and driving targeted traffic to your website.


You want your website to rank well and so do we. We’ve got the skill-sets to carry out technical audits of your website to assess its overall health and make recommendations that will improve it. Your website is the decisive factor in achieving rankings online and one riddled with errors will never be where you want it to be so let us carry out a technical audit and nurse it back to health.


Objectives are our raison d’être here at GPMD Towers and we deliver our digital strategies so successfully by working closely with our clients to formulate ongoing objectives which help drive forward their online presence and position them exactly where they want to be.

We work from the ground up with each of our clients, getting under their skin (not in an annoying way) and establishing exactly where it is they want to be with their online endeavours. We do this by crafting long-term, attainable objectives that we bring to fruition through using our myriad marketing skills and services.

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