We consider ourselves digital Jedis here at GPMD Towers and knowledge transfer is an important part of what we do - which is why we offer our clients in-depth training sessions to broaden their understanding of, errr, what we do.

Training is a very important part of what we aim to do at GPMD. We take brands and through undertaking our digital strategies, help get them to where they want to be from an online perspective but our ultimate objective is to properly train our clients in the methodologies which we use in the hope of them being able to take on much of the work themselves in the future.

We offer a number of training services here at GPMD ranging from on-site visits to targeted seminars, each with the intention of transferring some of the knowledge rattling around our brains into those of your staff.

GPMD have a many stringed bow when it comes to our digital marketing activities but we're nothing if not transparent and we'll be only too happy to impart our skills onto you via our in-depth yet easily digestible training sessions and events.

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