Technical Audits

Your website should be a well-oiled machine not a creaking behemoth. Let us carry out one of our GPMD Technical Audits to streamline your website and make it all it can be.

You might think that your website is ticking along nicely but it's not until you delve under the hood that you realise just how much more optimised and streamlined it could be.

Allow us here at GPMD to be your website mechanics with one of our Technical Audits which will be the catalyst for breathing a new lease of life into your website and entirely unleashing its potential.

In our Technical Audits, we carry out a multitude of tests, checks and actions to establish in which areas your website is performing well and those in which it can be improved and, once we've established this, we make recommendations on actions to undertake for improvement.

The benefits of our Technical Audits include:

  • Optimised Website - Our Technical Audits are designed to make your website as search engine optimised as possible and thereby agreeable to Google's ever-changing algorithms.
  • Improved Performance - Your website can always be improved and our Technical Audits will help enhance elements like site speed and conversion which is imperative in today's increasingly impatient website user.
  • Technical Superiority - After a Technical Audit from GPMD, your website will outperform your competitors from an optimisation point of view and you won't have any areas of the site which aren't in line with Google's best practices.

 A website performing to the best of its ability is essential in the competitive world of business and we can make sure that yours is top of the class.

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