Support Packages

What is Support?

Our Magento support packages are designed to help and support you in the day-to-day running of your Magento website, ensuring everything is working smoothly and giving you peace of mind.

What does it cover?

  • Help with configuring Magento. For example, setting up promotions, configuring products or managing content
  • Resolution of any bugs or issues (anything that is not working as expected)
  • Application of Magento security patches
  • Answering general 'how to' questions on anything related to your website. For example, help with Google Analytics

Here to Help

The aim of our support is to solve any day-to-day issues, and all our packages offer:

  • Fast response times
  • Support by telephone, email or online
  • All the help you need to answer general 'how to' questions

What support is not used for

  • Used for addition of new features or development work

Our Support Packages

All support packages have a 2 hour response time during business hours


2 Task tickets
Unlimited Question tickets
£390 per month
(£195 per extra Task ticket)


4 Task tickets
Unlimited Question tickets
£690 per month
(£175 per extra Task ticket)


8 Task tickets
Unlimited Question tickets
£1,190 per month
(£150 per extra Task ticket)


16 Task tickets
Unlimited Question tickets
£1,990 per month
(£125 per extra Task ticket)


Are all tickets counted towards the package ticket allowance?

Not all tickets are counted against the allowance. Tickets are classified as either Question tickets or Task tickets.

Question tickets - These are tickets that only require our support team to answer a question. This may require some support investigation time and/or provision of relevant documentation to assist you in resolving the issue. These types of tickets are not counted toward the package ticket allowance.

Task tickets - These are tickets that require our team’s time to carry out a technical investigation or development fix in order for us to resolve the issue. These types of tickets are counted toward the package ticket allowance.

You will be notified once your ticket has been received, and if it is a Task ticket, we will request your confirmation before we start to resolve the issue.

Do you count the number of tickets submitted or the number of tickets solved?

A ticket counted toward the allowance is only deducted from the allowance once it has been resolved.

You can submit an unlimited amount of tickets during the month. A Task ticket will only be counted toward the allowance once it has been resolved, not when it has been submitted.

What happens when I go over my ticket allowance?

Each additional Task ticket over your package allowance will be handled and resolved in the same way as any other ticket. The only difference, is that extra tickets will be billed on a pay as you go basis. Each additional ticket will cost the same amount as your package's ‘per ticket’ cost, as outlined above.

Each month, you will receive a Support report which details your support use, and we will review your package every three months, to make sure you’re on the most suitable package for your needs.

What are your support response times?

All tickets are acknowledged within two hours, during business hours, so you know that the ticket has been received by our team.

Tickets are then assigned a priority rating, according to the issue at hand, which determines when we will start working on solving the ticket (the response time). Here are the priority rating response times:

Urgent priority - 30 minutes

High priority - 24 hours

Normal priority - 36 hours

Low priority - 48 hours

Please note, this does not mean that the ticket will be resolved within this timeframe, but that we will start working on the ticket within this timeframe.

How do you decide the priority rating for each ticket?

The ticket’s priority is set based on the type of ticket and whether the issue affects the end-to-end customer experience.

Low priority is set to Question tickets.

Normal priority is for tickets that require investigation, and don’t directly affect the running of your site.

High priority is for tickets that require further investigation, that could possibly affect the running of your site.

Urgent priority is for tickets that are business critical, i.e. the website is down or non-transactional.

What if I disagree with the ticket priority?

Please get in touch and we can amend the priority, if need be.

What are the hours of support?

Business hours are Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), 9am - 6pm

Business critical line - +44 020 3582 9726

What happens if i have a business critical issue, do I have to email?

If you need to get in touch with us to discuss a business critical issue, please submit a ticket and call the support number directly, to speak with our support team.

What happens outside of business hours?

Best effort support is offered for any business critical issues, outside of business hours (time spent is chargeable). Non business critical tickets will be responded to the next working day.

If your website is not hosted with GPMD, you may also contact your host for support outside of business hours for critical issues (if they provide this service).

How do we pay for Support?

Payment for your support package will be by direct debit, at the start of each month.

Any Task tickets over your allowance will be added on to the following month’s direct debit amount.

Do unused task tickets roll over to the next month?

No, your task ticket allowance resets at the beginning of each month.

What is the length of your Support contract?

All packages are subject to a 12 month contract. This will be reviewed every three months to amend the package if required. You can let us know at any time if you feel you’re on the wrong package, and we will review this with you.

Will I be able to receive a discount if I pay in advance?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for paying annually in advance.

Where are your support team based?

Our support team are all based in sunny England.

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