Putting Magento at the heart of your e-commerce personalisation strategy by Neil Hamilton - Meet Magento UK
Mark Slocock / +Mark / October 27, 2011

Neil Hamilton, from Predictive Intent, gave a great talk about how to use product recommendations and merchandising to improve conversion rates.

Neil started by explaining what e-commerce personalisation is - it's about adapting your store in real-time to your visitors. There are three core components:

  1. Where they come from
  2. How they browse & search
  3. What they buy

You can use this information to present users with the products that they are most likely to be interested in, and therefore increase the likelihood of them finding a product they want to purchase.

The solution can be used to power product listings and recommendations across merchant websites and is proven to increase conversion rates, in some cases by up to 93%.

The really interesting part of Neil's talk were the plugins, which have to allow merchants to display recommendations across multiple assets. Predictive Intent have plugins for Mail Chimp, Pure 360 & Campaign Monitor, allowing personalisation of email marketing, Wordpress and vBullentin to allow product recommendations on blogs and forums.

The case study Neil gave was of one client who had an e-commerce store with approximately 200,000 visitors and a forum with approximately 3,000,000 visitors. The vBullentin plugin allowed them to place product recommendations alongside the forum, which resulted in an immediate increase in conversion of 14%.