Magento Events & Conferences in 2016
Leo Davie / February 12, 2016


Over the last 12 months, our team has attended lots of Magento meetups, conferences and events, including Meet Magento New York, Zurich & Madrid, Magento Imagine, Magento Live London & Paris and MageTitans. We feel that the team has benefited greatly from this, so we thought we'd create a list of all of the Magento events that we're aware of in 2016.

If there are any that you think we've missed, feel free to add them in the comments or get in touch and we'll add them.

Mage titans italia

mage titans it

When: 4th February, 2016

Where: Milan, Italy

Price: N/A

Following on from the success of the UK MageTitans event, a new Italian verison was recently launched for Magento professionals based in and around Italy. We sent 6 people to the UK event and considered it the best event of the year for us and I'd imagine the Italian event would've been equally excellent.

The first Mage Titans Italia event took place last week and got some great feedback on Twitter. The speaker lineup was very strong, featuring talks from Vinai Kopp (Ex-Magento), Sherrie Rohde (Magento), Tony Brown (Space48) and various other well-known industry figures.

I'd suggest keeping an eye out for further announcements around this event and booking a ticket for the next one.

meet magento italy


When: 3rd-4th March 2016

Where: Hotel Michelangelo, Milan

Price: £185 approx

Meet Magento is a series of events taking place worldwide, focused on enabling and up-skilling the Magento community. This year's event, which took place in the Hotel Michelangelo, Milan, is focused on the normal ecommerce and technical-orientated areas, with a key focus on Magento 2 as well.

Speakers at Meet Magento Italy this year include Ben Marks (Magento), Sergii Shymko (Magento) and Thomas Goletz (Meet Magento Association).

Meet Magento Sweden


When: 14th March, 2016

Where: Quality Hotel Globe, Stockholm

Price: £255 approx

The Swedish leg of Meet Magento, held in the Quality Hotel Globe in Stockholm is a continuation of the efforts to offer Magento events in an ever growing list of countries. The Meet Magento Sweden event offers a valuable and unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with skilled decision makers and experts operating within the ecommerce and Magento industries.

Some of the  speakers at Meet Magento Sweden this March include Fredrik Åhlén (Gymgrossisten), Patrik Wallin (Gymgrossisten) and Rasmus Fahlander (Klarna).

Meet Magento Ukraine


When: 26th March, 2016

Where: Hilton Hotel, Kiev

Price: £135 approx

Meeting experienced Magento developers will be the call of the day at Meet Magento Ukraine which is being held at the Hilton Hotel in Kiev. Ukraine is well known for housing lots of very strong Magento developers, including some of the original Magento core development team. Some of the top speakers for this event include the likes of Alexander Stelmakh (Amasty), Thomas Fleck (Netresearch) and Anatoliy Denys (Cart2Cart).

Meet Magento Czech republic


When: 31st March - 1st April

Where: Prague

Price: £70 approx

Another great Meet Magento event, this time being held in Prague in the Czech Republic. Occurring at the end of March and marking the first time the event has been held in the country, Meet Magento Czech Republic is going to be frequented with ecommerce experts and a raft of leading Magento developers so it will serve as the perfect platform for learning more about the system and seeing what the rest of 2016 has in store for ecommerce.

Speakers at the event include Sergey Lysak (Eltrino), Guido Jansen (Euroflorist) and Stanislav Puffler (Open Mage).

developers paradise


When: 24th-28th April

Where: Opatija, Croatia

Price: £540 approx

Held in Croatia, Developer's Paradise is an annual conference for the developer community and has the rather appealing tagline of "lots of code and fun in the sun" so you know its going to be one of the most popular Magento / developer events for 2016. Some of the main speakers talking at this year's Developer's Paradise event include Marco Lopes (Session), Talesh Seeparsan (Bit79) and Norbert Nagy (Session).

Meet magento holland


When: 12-13th May

Where: Utrecht, Netherlands

Price: £165 approx

If you're fancying a trip to the Netherlands in 2016 and want to meet some of the leading names in the Magento and ecommerce world, you should certainly be looking at Meet Magento Holland.

Held in the city of Utrecht and expected to be one of Europe's most popular Magento events this year, this is a fantastic event for increasing your knowledge and understanding of the latest and greatest goings on in the world of Magento and ecommerce.

meet Magento germany


When: 4th-7th July

Where: Leipzig, Germany

Price: £180 approx

Germany is a hotbed of development talent and strong merchants, who will be out in force at Meet Magento Germany this July.

This first class event for developers, merchants and ecommerce experts is expected to draw a big crowd and will be the ideal platform for making new contacts and learning plenty of new and exciting skills for developers and merchants alike.

magento IMAGINE 


When: 11th-14th April

Where: Las Vegas, USA

Price: £1100 approx

Unquestionably the biggest event for the Magento and ecommerce community in 2016, Magento Imagine this April is going to shed light on what the real industry leaders have to say on  what the next 12 months has in store for merchants and developers alike and, being held in Las Vegas, its the one conference that everyone is itching to attend.

The event is likely to have a big focus on Magento 2 and the change in Magento's ownership and leadership last year.

After Paul spoke at the event last year, he's already booked in to attend again this year.

magento live uk

MagentoLive UK 2016 website

When: 20th-22nd June, 2016

Where: London, UK

Price: £299

The cornerstone Magento event in the UK, this year's Magento Live is being held in June and will again offer some fantastic opportunities to learn more about the platform, ecommerce and what 2016 has got in store for Magento merchants.

Whilst the speakers for Magento Live 2016 are yet to be announced, expect to see some of the biggest names in Magento lending their knowledge to proceedings.

magento live australia

5807 ML Aus Color1

When: 8th-9th November

Where: Sydney, Australia

Price: N/A

Magento Live Aus is known for being one of the best Magento conferences and was where a lot of key announcements around Magento 2 were made last time around.

The event will be taking place in Sydney this November and will be a great opportunity to meet plenty of developers and ecommerce experts that you might not otherwise come across on the European circuit of Magento events.

london magento meet up

global 433322869

When: 16th February, 2016

Where: London, UK

Price: N/A

A great little meet up for Magento users and developers in London which occurs monthly and offers a sounding board to discuss the latest findings and applications for Magento.

The London Magento Meet Up this February has some great talks focused on Magento 2, with presentations from Vinai Kopp and Ben Marks.

manchester magento meet up


When: 24th February, 2016

Where: Manchester, UK

Price: N/A

Manchester is home to some great developer events, such as MageTitans, but there's always room for more meetings about Magento and that's why the Manchester Magento Meet Up is such a popular forum in the North West for developers and ecommerce specialists. This month's event will be focusing predominantly on Magento 2.

mage titans uk

mage titans

When: TBC

Where: TBC

Price: TBC

Details on this year's MageTitans event in the UK are yet to be announced, but it is always one of the stand out events in the calendar so its certainly one worth keeping an eye on and jumping on the tickets when they're released.

Last years event was a great success and this years is likely to be bigger and better with some of the biggest names in Magento development offering their highly valuable insights into the industry.

We're planning on taking our all of our developers and project managers again this year.


If there are any Magento events that you think we've missed, just let us know via email, Twitter or the comments below.