An Introduction To Google Squared
Chris Nielsen / July 7, 2015


I never thought I would be doing an online course. I had always been a learner who needs to bounce ideas off others, and to ask questions. The idea of not being in a physical classroom, distanced from both your teacher and your colleagues, was unappealing to me.

But then my colleague introduced me to the Google Squared course, and it has really changed what I think about digital learning. But before I get to that, let me tell you about what’s happened so far now that I’ve finished the first part of the course.

Section 2: What it is

Squared Online is a six month digital marketing course, developed by Google, the internet kings themselves. As mentioned above, it’s all done online - there’s no actual contact with the lectures or your fellow ‘squares’ (though we’re free to do so!).

The course features interactive learning through tasks and projects, as well as lectures from the Squared team and other industry experts.

At the end of it, you should come out and be able to anyone about digital marketing - which sounds perfect to a graduate like myself, new to the industry.

Section 3: How it works

Squared online has it’s own nifty website, where everything is based. You can easily see your progression, tasks that need to be done, and interact with your colleagues on the forums.

google bike 2

The course is broken up into 5 different modules, each covering something new: for example, the first module is called ‘A connected world’, and covers the impact of digital change on both consumer and brand behaviour.

Each week there’s a class by one of their fantastic industry experts, and has opportunities to engage both with the lecturer, and the rest of the group.


One thing that caught me by surprise is the number attending the course - in my cohort alone, there’s about 200.

Despite this, with the set-up it feels much more personal, and the lecturers are great at answering your specific questions.

We’ve also been split into groups of eight for projects in the coming modules, helping us build on our abilities to work in teams and feel more connected to our fellow squares.

Our module one project was to create a video to introduce ourselves: our backgrounds, what we’re doing and why we wanted to do this course.

Whilst this was a terrifying experience for an introvert like myself, it was a great experience in coming out of my shell to total strangers on the internet.

Though I won’t be sharing it on here, much to annoyance of my colleagues.


Section 4: My opinions so far

Overall, I think this is a great course to help build a foundation in digital marketing. Though the focus has heavily been on social media so far, there’s plenty of time for expansion in to all the different areas, and I look forward to exploring them all.