Feng Sushi

If you enjoy the taste of sushi and regularly visit London, then you’re probably already aware of Feng Sushi’s famous chain of restaurants.

In addition to their 6 London-based restaurants, Feng Sushi provide a vast range of specialist sushi dishes and canapés for events, whilst also allowing users to order online as part of their sushi delivery service. 

Working with Allies Design, we created an aesthetically-pleasing website that combines innovative design with user-friendly simplicity. We are delighted that Feng Sushi became an online marketing client in February 2011.

Silla Bjerrum

Managing Director, Feng Sushi

Since the launch of the new and improved Feng Sushi website we have seen a large increase in visitors and online orders. GPMD has been key in the increase of visitors due to their search engine marketing and consultancy.

I would highly recommend the GPMD team to any business owners that are seeking to improve their online presence and conversions.

Mark Slocock

Managing Director, GPMD

Having been involved in this project from concept to finish, I am very happy with the way that it coincides with Feng Sushi’s branding and company values. This website will undoubtedly prove to be an invaluable marketing resource for Feng Sushi, giving potential customers an insight into the company and the service they provide.

Working with the Feng Sushi team made this project even more enjoyable for us at GPMD, and we’re sure that their new website will prove to be a huge success.

Quick Facts

  • www.fengsushi.co.uk
  • GPMD developed the Feng Sushi website on SilverStripe open source CMS
  • Features online ordering capabilities integrated with Integer EPOS
  • Excellent search engine positioning