Winterson is a luxury jeweller, with a heritage of pearls and a love of design. Based in London, and with the greatest of care, Winterson design and create their own jewellery so that the properties of each pearl are beautifully presented.


Winterson provide a huge range of elegant and exclusive pearl jewellery through their bespoke ecommerce website built by GPMD. 

The Winterson journal is a regularly updated pearl jewellery blog that features well-written topical articles targeting consumers. The Winterson Journal was redesigned in June 2011 and is now one of the main focal points of the website. Winterson offer a huge range of pearls, including Akoya Pearls, South Sea Pearls and Tahitian Pearls.

Winterson are also an online marketing retainer client and work alongside the GPMD team to generate more traffic and sales.

Distinguished & Co, who worked on the design for this project, provided excellent, eye-catching visuals for the website.


GPMD were a pleasure to work with on the build of our website and the design and feel of the site is exactly what we were looking for.
I am now able to edit and manage the Winterson website myself, allowing me to keep the website up to date and add new products freely.

Andrew Fraser - Director, Winterson


When we built the Winterson website, we were tasked with incorporating the elegance and style of their pearls into the appearance and functionality, which is exactly what we did.
The contemporary design and general persona of the website is stunning and memorable, accurately reflecting the companies impressive products.

Mark Slocock - Managing Director, GPMD

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