Swivel UK - Top 10 Rankings for Core Keywords / Increase in Organic Traffic / Increase in Revenue

One of our finest hours, we helped make designer furniture ecommerce store, Swivel UK, one of the leading online furniture retailers in the UK. See how we did it below.

Client Testimonial

GPMD fully understand what it was we wanted to accomplish here at Swivel UK and helped us to ensure our website was properly optimised and carried out excellent marketing work on a monthly basis to secure the fantastic rankings that have delivered a considerable increase in our organic traffic.
James Stewart / Owner, Swivel UK.

Organic Traffic - Significantly increasing organic traffic to the Swivel UK website through the Google rankings we acquired through online marketing. An increase of 83% in organic traffic for January 2014 compared to January 2013.

Revenue - Increasing the number of transactions between Jan 2014 - May 2014 compared to the same period in the previous year by nearly 75%.

Social Media - Helped Swivel UK enhance their social media understanding and presence.

The Brief

Increase revenue, increase organic traffic and achieve top 10 rankings for core keywords. Check, check and check....

Swivel UK are now one of Europe's leading ecommerce designer furniture stores and we like to think that we here at GPMD Towers helped play our part in this. We were tasked with delivering key SEO improvements to the SwivelUK website and maintaining ongoing marketing work to achieve impressive keyword positioning for the client's core products in what was, and remains, a highly competitive sector.

What We Did

And how we did it...


In order to achieve the ultimate objective of ranking improvements with Swivel UK, we knew that we needed to first ensure that each element of the onsite SEO was properly aligned with what we were hoping to accomplish off-site SEO perspective. We managed this by making some key changes to the Swivel UK website that yield considerable benefits in our marketing endeavors. These changes included:

  • Implementing Href Lang - As our client was selling designer furniture not only in the UK but across many other European countries as well, we knew the importance of making sure the site was set up from a technical point of view to deliver the most relevant pages for a visitor based on their geographical location and we did this through implementing the Href Lang tag throughout the Swivel UK website.
  • Dealing with Canonicalisation Issues - When we took on Swivel UK as a client that were a number of technical issues that we identified and address which ultimately laid the groundwork for the success that we achieved. One of the main issues was that of canonicalisation which we resolved through implementing the canonical tag where required in the website.

We carried out regular checks for onsite technical SEO issues affecting the Swivel UK website and making changes as and when they were required laid the foundations for the successful online marketing work we did.


Our key objective for Swivel UK was to achieve desired rankings for some of the company's core keywords and this is something that we achieved through the generation and placement of excellent content which was relevant to the demographics of the Swivel UK brand.

In order to achieve the rankings that our client demanded, we knew the importance of garnering high quality, editorial style coverage in relevant online magazines and blogs and we are delighted with some of the coverage we garnered for Swivel UK which was the catalyst for us achieving our ranking objectives. You can see a few examples below:

Ape to Gentleman

ResizedImage600389 Ape to Gentleman

Mike Shouts

ResizedImage600559 mike shouts

Vouch Magazine

ResizedImage600467 Vouch Magazine

 This is just a snapshot of the coverage we have garnered for Swivel UK and which has been pivotal to achieving the ranking improvements which the client outlined in the brief. Through the creation of eye-catching and relevant content we were able to drive traffic to the Swivel UK website through the improvement of the company's organic rankings in Google search listings.

Key Results

How we achieved the increase in rankings, organic traffic and revenue...

This is the most important part, of course, and we're delighted to say that we achieved a lot for Swivel UK since they first requested our services in late 2012. We were tasked with achieving top 10 rankings for some highly competitive search terms and we achieved this for each keyword through a combination of both technical onsite SEO recommendations and off-site marketing activities. Some of our most impressive results include:

"Charles Eames Chairs"/ Google Ranking #2

ResizedImage600482 eames chairs

Charles Eames is one of the most sought after names when it comes to designer furniture and we were able to achieve and maintain 2nd position in Google search results.

"Designer Furniture" / Google Ranking #2

ResizedImage600583 designer furniture

Another competitive keyword which we were able to achieve a top 3 position in Google rankings for, "designer furniture" has been one of Swivel UK's biggest drivers of organic traffic to the site.

These are just a couple of the SEO accomplishments that we have brought to fruition for Swivel UK - we have also helped to achieve top 10 Google rankings for many of the other core, target keywords such as DSW ChairBarcelona Chair and Eames Office Chairs to name but a few!

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