Meet Magento UK

Mark was lucky enough to go to the first UK Meet Magento conference in London on Wednesday 26th October 2011, the agenda promised an interesting day of talks, I'll give a roundup of the day in a series of blog posts.

Bob Schwartz kicked off the day in great style, giving an outline of the Meet Magento conferences, which have been running for 2 years and have been attended by over 10,000 people in that time.

Magento's original vision was to be present in every place where e-commerce happens, but since being acquired by eBay earlier this year, that vision has extended to being present where commerce happens, they have made amazing progress towards this goal.

Overall the message was clear, Magento is growing fast and will continue to do so, they are moving forward with new developments and products - the future looks bright.

First Talk: Latest Platform Updates, Products, Trends and Insights