Magento Consultancy

We provide Magento consultancy to a wide range of clients in a host of different verticals and to companies of all sizes.

We’ve been working on the Magento platform since 2008 and have a team of experienced front-end and back-end Magento developers who have worked on countless ecommerce projects.

We provide professional Magento consultancy on the following topics:

  • Improving your Magento conversion rate
  • Improving your checkout experience
  • Speeding up Magento / Performance improvements
  • Optimising Magento for search engines
  • Improving the user experience of your website
  • Optimising Magento for mobile devices
  • Magento integration for multi-channel retailing
  • Additional payment options in Magento (finance, Google Checkout, PayPal integration, mobile payment etc)
  • Integrating Magento with your email platform

If you would like to discuss Magento consultancy, please fill in the enquiry form or call us on 020 7183 1072

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