Managed Magento Hosting.

Magento is a very complex, robust ecommerce platform, which results in a need for complex server infrastructures and enterprise-level management.

We provide managed hosting packages for large Magento stores, where we manage every aspect of the server setup and management. Our solutions are tailored to the store and its requirements - so if you have high peaks for example, we would provide an elastic hosting solution that scales up and down.

We provide hosting both for our development clients and for non-clients looking for a proven, reliable host. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers to power our hosting solution and consistently deliver uptime of over 99% for our clients.

We pride ourselves on the reliability of the packages we provide and we will take the stress away from you or your IT team when it comes to securely and reliably hosting your store.

Our team are highly experienced in server management, hosting and sys-admin and have managed hosting solutions for merchants of all sizes.

Benefits of a GPMD Managed Hosting Package


Ensuring the security of your website is of paramount importance and with we provide peace of mind via our experience and our in-house experience of dealing with security issues, PCI compliance, applying Magento patches etc.

Back Ups

Our hosting packages all include 'at least' daily backups of all of the servers that we are hosting. We are well versed in dealing with servers and understand the importance of backing up data regularly.

Reduce Costs

Trying to manage your own hosting requirements can be costly, but our packages are very cost effective compared to other enterprise-level, Magento hosting options.


Our dedicated support desk team respond quickly and effectively to any hosting-related support queries we receive and it is our objective to ensure your website remains up 24/7.

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