Yellow blinds and a shiny new sign

Posted by Alice Moxley on 01 December 2009

After one month of working here at GPMD, I am pleased to announce that we have made two improvements to the office. Those of you who enjoy the simple touches that can be made to brighten an office, will appreciate our brand new blinds and office sign.

Seeing as our company colours consist of yellow and grey, and that grey is a bit of a miserable colour for office blinds, we went for the (some would say) lurid option, opting for 'sunflower yellow' blinds from At just £150 for three sets of blinds we definitely got bang for our buck and are pleased to say that they have brightened the office and are proving useful at keeping the heat in (something which we are in dire need of in these ridiculously cold times). Moreover the colour is not at all lurid but adds some sunshine to the office during the depths of winter.

Our office sign has also proved to be envy of the entire building so thanks very much to who have created the most beautiful sign (may I dare say) in the whole of Moorgate.

Anyway I think the time has come to do some real work,

See y'all soon... Alice


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