Wordpress SEO - Joost De Valk at SearchLove London 2011

Posted by Paul Rogers on 26 October 2011

Unfortunately, due to an emergency at home, Joost De Valk was unable to attend the event, however he did take the time to record part of his presentation on his webcam - which was very interesting.

This presentation was probably the one that I was most excited by, and although the content that Joost provided was brief, it was still very interesting.

Joost De Valk is known by many for his Yoast SEO Wordpress plugin, which features a number of advanced options and capabilities which help to improve the optimisation of your website or blog.

Key takeaways from this presentation:

  • Yoast SEO plugin now allows you to have custom XML sitemaps
  • Use rel=canonical to point blog posts to ecommerce pages
  • You should have dynamic XML sitemaps
  • Everyone should be using rel=author on their blogs

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