Why won't you buy? Finding and Eliminating Conversion Blockers by Dr Karl Blanks & Rob Jackson at Conversion Conference 2011

Posted by Mark Slocock on 01 December 2011

The first speaker was Dr Karl Blanks, Chairman of Conversion Rate Experts.

Every website has objections, the key is to find them and eliminate them. Here are 16 Conversion Killers – keep in mind that it's most likely that one of these killers is affecting your conversion rate, not all:

  • Not split testing
  • Meek tweaking
  • Customer isn't in shopping mode (book store example – make browsers happy)
  • Unclear value proposition
  • Lack of trust (see mercola.com)
  • Lack of interest (4Q use as an exit survey, trading platform)
  • Confusion (visitor just doesn't understand what you do, Read Strunk & White, Plain English Campaign. TIP: read out all website copy)
  • Usability (UserTesting.com, or find a real user, ethn.io)
  • Product-specific objections (draw up a shopping list of questions real users ask and make sure they are answered)
  • Fatal distraction (doorbell rings – try to get their contact details as soon as possible)
  • Don't believe your company or products are any good (prove they are)
  • Your competitor gets the sale (everyone assumes this is the big one, niching, shampoo)
  • Too much perceived risk
  • Prospect defers decision (Urgency)
  • The merchant's site is terrible (affiliates, persuade before they leave, qualify the user)
  • Bad prior experience

The second speaker was Rob Jackson, Founder of Conversion Thursday UK.

Three main areas to work on in order to get users to convert: 

  • Persuasion architecture
  • User-centric design
  • Relevancy

Main reasons why users don't convert:

1. Not having a massive green call to action... or blue

2. Not having a measurement strategy

  • Evaluation is key
  • Framework of KPI's
  • Core business segments
  • Targets & alerts
  • Dashboards & reporting matrix

3. Ignoring the mobile internet user (what is fast access mode)

  • Look at conversion rate for mobile devices
  • Create a table showing current revenue and then apply standard site conversion and show what the revenue is not enough
  • If that is not enough show a projection over 12 months
  • Happy HIPPO (Highest Paid Person's Opinion)
  • A full m-commerce website is not always needed
  • Focus on the what you're trying to achieve
  • Simple mobile contact form gave a 13% uplift in conversion
  • Look at reagge ready 

4. Ignoring high value segment

  • Look at channels
  • Look at the position in the purchase funnel
  • Analyse KPI's by segment look at segments that differ greatly from the average (e.g Site Ave, Social, +3 visits)


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