Why I will remember Steve Jobs

Posted by Paul Rogers on 09 October 2011

To many people, Steve Jobs will be remembered as a very successful man that ran an even more successful business – but, if you look deeper, he was so much more than that!

I look up to Steve Jobs not for his achievements with Apple, or even for his fondness of roll-neck jumpers, but for the way that he literally went from the bottom to the top. Those who have read the books, the articles or even the Wikipedia page will know that Steve Jobs was once a college drop-out with very few prospects ahead of him.

Steve's unbelievable revival began when he pulled together with Steve Wozniak and a number of others to design, develop and distribute a new range of personal computers – which marked the birth of what is now one of the world's favourite brands, Apple.

In 1985, Steve Jobs left Apple due to a dispute with influential board members and founded a new business, NeXT - another computer company that was targeted at the high-level education and corporate business markets.

His next major venture lead to the introduction of Pixar, where he held the position of CEO (and had a 50.1% stake) until it was acquired by Disney in 2006. This acquisition resulted in Steve Jobs obtaining a 7% stake in Disney, making him their board's largest stakeholder.

In 1996, Steve Jobs returned to his beloved Apple, after the company completed the takeover of NeXT. He was then installed as Apple's interim CEO in 1997 and was given the position on a permanent basis from the year 2000 until August 2011. 

The first announcement of Steve's battle with ill-health came in 2004, but after treatment it was thought that he had defeated the cancerous tumour found in his pancreas, which was almost unheard of. After this, there were many times when Steve's health was questioned, especially after he took a six-month leave of absence in 2009, when he went through a liver transplant.

In August 2011, Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple, which raised more alarms over his health. Then, last week, on October 5th the tragically premature death of Steve Jobs was announced – a revelation which shocked the world, despite his much-documented continued struggle with cancer.

The iconic American inventor died a hero, a visionary and an inspiration to all, including myself. 

Very few others can boast a following like his, and Steve Jobs will always be remembered as someone who revolutionised technology and changed lives.

RIP Steve Jobs.


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