Where is My Conversion? Craig Sullivan & Jeff Greenfield at Conversion Conference 2011

Posted by Mark Slocock on 01 December 2011

Craig Sullivan is the Group Customer Experience Manager at Belron (who own Autoglass). Craig started by outlining what conversion rate optimisation is - any idea must have the goal of improving one of these 5:

  • Profit
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Lower Costs
  • Productivity
  • Simply Delight the Customer
At Belron, Craig's department has delivered a 5000% return on investment, for every £1 they put in they get £50 back.

My key take aways:

  • Usability & customers are the glue for conversion rate optimisation
  • Make lots mistakes and learn from them
  • Do both A/B split testing and MVT
  • Interesting point about stock images - they convert worse – always use your own images
  • The most benefits are derived from combining usability test with MVT
  • By doing website, mobile and other channels together you get a lot of cross benefits
  • Body language is important in pictures
  • They use an x-factor style comp to test actors and create videos of them, which are then tested MVT to see which actor performs best online
  • Interesting point from both Karl and Craig - base your ideas on what you think first i.e if you really hate something or don't understand it don't do it
  • Belron tested live chat and found they saved 17 calls, but had 329 chats at about 8.25 minutes each - not a great result
  • Call tracking with infinity tracking – allows you to track conversions across multi-channels
  • Overall they have achieved a 32% measured increase in conversions
Jeff Greenfield is COO and Co-Founder of C3 Metrics. Jeff's talk was all about attribution - online tracking attributed conversions to the last action and ignored the fact that most users will touch multiple marketing activities before they convert.

My key take aways:

  • 37% of conversions end with a brand related search
  • 44% of conversions start with display advertsing
  • C3 metrics allows you to track all touch points along the funnel and attribute a value to each
  • They have had incredible results by allowing companies to identify which marketing activites are really driving sales
Next Talk: Confessions of a Conversion Rate Optimiser by Bryan Eisenberg


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