What does a CRO expert bookmark? Stephen Pavlovich at SearchLove London 2011

Posted by Paul Rogers on 26 October 2011

Stephen Pavlovich is an expert in conversion rate optimisation and founder of his own company, Conversion Factory. Having read his guide to conversion rate optimisation on the SEOmoz blog and heard lots of positive things about him, I was really excited to hear Stephen talk at SearchLove.

Stephen's primary recommendation was to gather a collection of things that you like on other websites, be it banners, sections of shopping cart pages, logos, layouts or anything else. He strongly recommended using Evernote for this as it allows you to add screenshots and notes and then file and tag them to keep them organised.

Key takeaways from this presentation:

  • Use Evernote to save bookmarks and ideas
  • Tag these bookmarks and ideas to keep them organised
  • Evernote has an app for mobiles
  • Capture emails
  • Think about adding an abandon cart email to improve sales
  • Evernote has OCR capabilities so it can search for text within images
  • These notes and ideas will help you to make CRO more effective and efficient
  • Make phone CTA's friendly and appealing
  • Recognise faults and turn them into benefits (or justify the reason why you have the fault)
  • Personal touch = win
  • Ensure that titles illustrate content
  • Nobody wants to create an account – just let them pay for them somthing
  • People don't know if they already have an account – they've probably forgotten
  • Try and get customers back to your site­
  • Ask your customers what they didn't like about your site­ to get better CR
  • email customers who have already bought – one thing that would have stopped you buying from us, what would it be?
  • Delivery = big killer of conversion – could the product be damaged? Would it arrive on time etc
  • If you can, find out why people left the site (contact them)
  • Have the email field early in your checkout
  • Targeted offers specific to different groups of people = good
  • Get people in the habit of doing a certain process for regular customers
  • Think about the people that are buying the product
  • How are you going to phrase the cost
  • Use quotes to reinforce value

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