Traffic to the Potato Council Consumer Website Doubles in 5 months

Posted by Mark Slocock on 13 March 2008

Since we launched the new consumer website for the Potato Council traffic has doubled, with the increase down mainly to traffic from Google. The graphic below shows traffic to the website between 01st September 2007 and 12th March 2008, the new site was launched in October 2007 and during that month there were 11,826 visitors (7,918 from Google), during February 2008 there were 24,428 visitors (17,428 from Google). 


Mark did a Search Engine Optimisation strategy in September which allowed us to review the old website in detail and use key phrase research to identify suitable new content.   The main contributing factors were as follows:

  • Standards based semantic HTML
  • Clean URLs
  • Use of key phrase research to identify suitable new content
  • Use of Google Analytics to identify important areas of the website
  • Use of Google Webmaster Tools to ensure the website in indexed properly
  • Set up of XML sitemap and corresponding robots.txt entry

So whats next?  We are currently looking into further improvements which will probably include:

  • More linking out to 3rd party websites
  • Further key phrase research to identify seasonal phrases
  • Better internal linking
  •  Working on increasing the number of inbound links


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