Top Takeaway Tweets from a4uexpo on Day 2

Posted by Chris Avery on 14 October 2010

The a4uexpo concluded last night, and from what I have heard the second day was just as entertaining as the first with some fantastic advice from many of speakers. I would like to give special thanks to @Rishil @Geoffblog and @KevGibbo for providing me with the most insightful tweets. There were a number of other contributors which are listed with each unique tweet. I may have not been there, but with the feedback and the willingness to share, I can at least feel that I was apart of it. A great effort to all the people who covered the event. 

Anyway on with the good stuff from the event:

@Rishil Brilliant, Sam is talking about using Yahoo Pipes for Dynamic Stalking of competitors in the #a4u17 session (I think they are under used!)

@kevGibbo Microformats tip: Use hCard to markup location address & hReview for ratings @RichardBaxter #a4uexpo

@Rishil #a4u17 Use Google Docs and xPath scraping to scrape feeds. Good idea. @SamuelCrocker now running a live demo

@martjinbeijk to get an idea of how it works or to easy implement, dissect another webpage and c how they are doing it (hresume, hcard #a4u24 #a4uexpo

@kevgibbo Use google rich snippets tool to validate everything's all working #a4uexpo

@Rishil Google hasnt prevented you from scraping their news (#protip) #a4uexpo #a4u17 Use it for building cheap monitoring tools!

@geoffblog 15 tools recommended at conversion rate experts are listed here #a4uexpo

@Rishil Ohh dear, devs may leave your sites available - try (or other variations such as staging) ! #a4uexpo #a4u17

@martjinbeijk including microformats/rdfa on your website does NOT guarantee inclusion. #a4u24 #a4uexpo

@Rishil Turn Defensive Tactics into Offense : Find a 404 on a competitors site :) ... get sites linking to it to your "existing Content" :) #a4u17

@Rishil "Knowing your competitors weaknesses and doing nothing about it is stupid" #a4uexpo #a4u17

@Rishil Keep an eye on your competitors down time! #a4uexpo #a4u17 (you can use (email / SMS alerts!)

@Rishil Last tweet gave me an idea! You can run massive PPC campaign when you realise competitors site is down! Quick win!!! #a4uexpo #a4u17

@Rishil You know that if yor sites arent really lockeddown, you could find data via simple google searches! #a4uexpo #a4u17

@gregpower @rishil In addition, sign up on for your competitors' sites to get text & email alerts the second it happens! ;)

@Geoffblog Recommending the book 'The Elements of Style" by Strunk and White in conversion rates expert session #a4uexpo

@ruudkook Make sure your affiliate pages are unique to Google by adding own text, UGC, youtube videos, twitter feeds etc /by @willcritchlow #a4uexpo

@matthewwood Manipulate and clean merchant feeds. Often overlooked yet so simple to do. #a4uexpo #a4u24

@martijnbeijk having a good design can give you benefit of the doubt when being manually reviewed by G's content reviewers #a4uexpo #a4u24

@ruudkok RT @seoguide: State of Search: Using Your Competitor’s Tactics to Gain a Competitive Edge #a4uexpo

@Geoffblog Google will test data collection (i.e. register to win) sites to help work our landing page quality - #a4uexpo

@kevgibbo Use Twitter competitions to promote affiliate sites & make sure you reward top customers @michelledewbs #a4uexpo

RT @peterjkwilson: 72% of Affiliates think UK Networks have a problem with Fraudulent traffic! #bigmouthmedia #a4uexpo

RT @rouninmedia: Dixon Jones: "Check your site is Search Engine friendly from the start. Many tools exist, e.g. Spydermate, SEO Automatic & DIYSEO." #a4uExpo

% of top 5 search affiliates who received a Google slap in the past year: 100% according to Tradedoubler #a4uexpo

TBG running 27,000 variations of ads for Vodafone on Facebook #a4uexpo

Research and Analysis Tools for link building - Yahoo Site Explorer,,, Excel, #a4uexpo

@Kevgibbo Affiliates struggle to gain natural links unless they are a brand @patrickaltoft #a4uexpo

@Nicolastott #A4U expo How to Launch and Affiliate Business on a Shoestring -

@nicholastott #A4UExpo - Microformats and data feed optimisation

@Rishil Ignore page rank for link building criteria! #a4uexpo Concentrate on Page Authority, external links, linking domains.

@kevgibbo Monitor competitor link building activity by viewing backlink discovery by time in @majesticseo - @patrickaltoft at #a4uexpo

@geoffblog Download info from OpenSiteExplorer to Excel, split at the / in URL. Put in another column and remove dupe domains #a4uexpo @patrickaltoft

@Rishil A good study for affiliates doing really well on good linkbuilding in volume and quality is "Mobile Phones" in the UK #a4uexpo

@Rishil #O2 rank really well for "Mobile Phones" but the large number of links (masses!) are brand anchor texts #a4uexpo

@Rishil actually rank well, and they are building brand links - but in this case their brand is the URL as anchor #a4uexpo

@Richardbaxter Interesting idea from @patrickaltoft - combine the sum of brand anchor based inbound links vs non branded in link profiling #a4uexpo

@Rishil If you run a link profile for some of the sites, you will see that a natural link profile has a clear difference #a4uexpo

@Rishil The demand for link building for a lot of Patricks clients is around concentration on brand linking, especialloy after running these tests

@Rishil BTW brand link building is easier #a4uexpo - why not go for it??

@Geoffblog Easier and probably cheaper to get bloggers (et al.) to give a branded related link vs a keyword anchor link #a4uexpo

@Rishil Branded3 ran this link analysis for over 30 highly commercial UK Keywords - and this brand result held true #a4uexpo


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